Upgrade the BHP in your vehicle

Save time and money going to a garage, we provide a mobile diesel remap service

We have over 36 years experience in performance tuning, our mobile remapping service is the most convenient way to get your vehicle remapped.

Find out what our remaps can do for your car or van here.

Our mobile engine ecu remaps coverage area includes, Cambridge, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Peterborough, Norwich, London, East Anglia & more

Speak to our diesel remap expert Tony now, CALL 07860 229516 

We are open seven days a week including Saturday and Sunday and offer a while you wait remap service when you come to us, it only takes about one hour to remap your car or van.

Card payments welcome.

Same day remap service available when possible.

  • Ford diesel remaps
  • Audi diesel remapping
  • BMW remaps for diesel engines
  • Mercedes remaps & diesel tuning
  • VW diesel tuning and remapping
  • Peugeot remaps for diesel engines
  • Renault diesel mobile remaps and engine tuning
  • Nissan diesel remapping and engine ecu tuning
  • Seat diesel remaps & mobile ecu tuning
  • Citroen diesel tuning and remapping
  • Skoda diesel remaps and ecu tuning
  • Transit diesel remaps and ecu tuning
  • Vauxhall diesel remapping and engine ecu tuning
  • Volvo diesel remaps and engine tuning