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Car Tune offer a mobile chip tuning service at your home or work 7 days a 

What is Chip tuning

Chip tuning or chipping a car is a procedure which changes the tuning map within an engine management system (ECU). Car manufactured in the early eighty’s started to produce electronic fuel injection vehicles which replaced the traditional carburettor and distributor ignition systems. This meant that the adjustment of the fuelling and ignition advance was no longer carried out during a regular tune up procedure, instead the engine management system now managed this by a chip within the ECU. Manufactures started to introduce turbo charged engines which again allowed the chip to make the adjustments to boost pressures and fuelling and timing.

The ECU chip could now be replaced with an updated version which could produce more power. Modern vehicles still use chips within the ECU however the process to tune the vehicle is done by remapping. Click here to see our remapping service.


We provide a mobile remapping service at your home or work

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Yes, Remapping is done while you wait and takes about an hour.

We provide a mobile remap and chip tuning service, mobile or you can save money and come to us

We are often asked can you chip my car, yes we provide chip tuning and remaps 

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